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Microsoft Announces Windows 10

windows10-logoMicrosoft has officially unveiled the name of the new and upcoming version of it’s computer operating system, curiously called Windows 10 (skipping the name Windows 9). Microsoft touted Windows 10 as the company’s “most comprehensive platform, ever,” that stresses a single product family, platform, and store.

Microsoft did not list an official reason for skipping the version number 9 but some have speculated that they wanted to distance themselves from this being a successor of Windows 8 and that 10 would be a better round number to market easier. Other speculation is that using 9 could possibly conflict with thousands of third-party applications that use Windows 9 in their code in reference to Windows 95 and Windows 98.

The new Windows 10 looks more like the pre-Windows 8 Start Menu, revealing a list of apps, folders, and a search bar, but to the side will be a series of Live Tiles. You will find a Windows 7 Start Menu with a Windows 8 twist. The search function works much like it does when typing from the Windows 8 Modern UI, revealing apps, files, and web results.

Windows 8-style apps can now be windowed within the traditional desktop, adding more flexibility in how you use them—currently, they can only be used at full-screen or within the confines of “snapped” windows. For the newly-designed windowed apps, you will be able to snap them to the edges of the screen like you would from the traditional Windows desktop.

Another widely anticipated feature multiple desktops has been added which will allow users to work with multiple desktops, where multiple apps will run in their own separate areas.

Windows 10 is available now as a Technical Preview through it’s Windows Insider Program, the full and final version should be released sometime late next year.


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