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Intel’s faces uphill climb for mobile markets

Article From Cnet: Intel announced earnings Wednesday that were in line with expectations, but the chipmaker is facing a daunting future as mobile devices further erode the PC business and its Atom chip vies for customers. “With its new, low-end Atom processor, Bay Trail, the company is gaining traction in cheap notebooks and tablets, but […]

Intel’s New 4th Generation ‘Haswell’ Processors

Earlier this month Intel formally introduced its new 4th-generation Core processors for desktop and mobile PCs. These 4th-Generation Core processors (also known as Haswell) will gradually replace last year’s 3rd generation Core processors (also known as Ivy Bridge) in many of the same system setups and configurations. Intel’s 4th-generation processors are being built on a […]

Microsoft Windows 8.1 on the way with new features

Since the release of Windows 8 last year Microsoft has had to face very mixed reviews by users, many of them frustrated the new touchscreen focussed UI. This has led to overall negative opinion of the new O/S not seen since the release of Vista. Many Windows 8 users have clamoured for a return of the […]

Windows XP - the end

The end is near for Windows XP warns Microsoft

Article from PCWorld: In just one year, on April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop delivering security updates for Windows XP, the second most popular operating system in the world. Microsoft issued several blog posts Monday urging businesses to get out before it was too late. “You should take action to move off of Windows XP,” […]

The Year 2025, Intel Predicts the Future

Excerpt from Intel’s Whitepaper “The Future of Knowledge Work: An outlook on the changing nature of the work environment”: The Future of Knowledge Work An outlook on the changing nature of the work environment The world is changing dramatically in ways that will have a significant impact on everyday life. By 2025 the explosion in world […]

Intel to exit motherboard business by 2016

Intel has now confirmed that it plans to wind down its production of desktop motherboards, ending it’s motherboard operations by 2016. The move comes as traditional desktop computer sales continue to decline while tablet and other form factor computers sales continue to increase. “We’ve decided to look at shifting our focus to some of the more innovative spaces,”  said […]

Passwords continue to have little defense against hackers

Article from Zdnet: The time an end-user spends devising a password this year will be longer than the life expectancy of that password, according to Deloitte Canada. The research organization said Monday that 90% of user-generated passwords would be relevant for mere seconds under pressure from hackers. Those passwords include so-called strong passwords, which are […]

Why Microsoft felt they need to redesign Windows

Article from Cnet: Windows 8 has its fans and foes, but Microsoft felt the time was ripe for a new look and feel to a product used by more than 1.2 billion people. Julie Larson-Green, the new head of Windows product development, recently spoke with MIT Technology Review about the reasons behind the major changes […]

United Nations Summit Votes to Support Internet Eavesdropping

Article from Cnet: A United Nations (U.N.) summit has adopted confidential recommendations proposed by China that will help network providers target BitTorrent uploaders, detect trading of copyrighted MP3 files, and, critics say, accelerate Internet censorship in repressive nations. Approval by the U.N.’s International Telecommunications Union came despite objections from Germany, which warned the organization must “not […]

Apple likely to lose out to Google: Elon Musk

From Cnet: A couple of months ago, Apple could do no wrong. Now it’s become the tech punditry’s favorite pinata. The latest to take a swipe: none other than Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk. Musk was quoted at a government-sponsored round table in London held last week saying that Apple will likely lose out […]