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2012 Top Rugged Computer and Small PC Products

With 2012 coming to an end, here is a brief look back at some of the Top Rugged Computer and Small PC Products for the year. 1. Model: LPC-680 – The Most Powerful, Advanced Small PC Ever Need serious processing power in a small package? The new powerful small pc  model LPC-680 is ready to […]

Rugged, Fanless Waterproof Small PC

The new WPC-525F is a rugged PC that is water-tight, survives liquids, chemicals, dust and dirt intrusion and meets IP67/NEMA 6 environmental specifications. Designed without cooling fans the internal CPU is passively cooled through our robust small form factor chassis design measuring only; 10.15″(W) x 6.22″(D) x 2.04″(H) or (258 x 158 x 52 mm) in […]

Small PC with Open PCI & PCIe Expansion Slots

The new LPC-250 is a high performance Small PC that has open PCI & PCIe expansion slots for half sized add-in cards. The LPC-250 is available as a standard 90-264 VAC input and an optional 10-30 VDC input for mobile applications. Measuring only 10″ H x 8″ W x 3.48″ D, the LPC-250 can mount […]

Fanless, Noise Free Rack Mount PC Server with Single or Dual Systems

The model SR-2625F is a fanless, noise free rack server available in single or dual system designs. The space saving 3.5″ high (2U) rack mountable steel chassis is easily deployed into any standard 19” EIA rack cabinet and is powered by either one or two LPC-625F Fanless Small PC systems. The SR-2625F’s noise free rackmount […]

Small PC with 4 Serial (RS232) COM Ports

The LPC-460S4 is a full featured small PC with 4 Serial, RS232 COM ports The model LPC-460S4 is uniquely designed small sized computer that offers an abundance of RS232 Serial COM ports – 4 in total for your specialized applications. This little machine utilizes Intel’s Core 2 Duo technology with plenty of power to run […]

Ultra Small PC with 4 Gigabit LAN Network Ports

The model LPC-100G4 is a well connected Multi-LAN Small PC featuring a total of four (4) GB Ethernet ports all in one tiny machine measuring (4.0″ x 6.1″ x 1.45″) or just a little larger then a deck of playing cards. The LPC-100G4 is a powerful, feature rich small-form PC that harnesses the Intel’s powerful […]

Powerful Small PC with PCI-e x1 expansion slot capability

The LPC-460PCIe small PC features built-in PCI-e x1 expansion slot capability and Intel’s powerful mobile processor technology delivering the ultimate in Mini PC performance. The robust anodized aluminium chassis measures just over 2 inches tall having the overall footprint about the size of a hard cover novel, measuring in at 5.8″W x 10.0″D x 2.8″H […]

All-in-One LCD Monitor & Small PC

Stealth Computer a leading supplier of highly reliable computer products for industrial and commercial based applications is now offering a new All-In-One LCD Monitor and Small PC solution. The Stealth Rugged LCD Monitors are available with their powerful LittlePC (Small Mini PC) products mounted directly to the rear of the monitor. This feature provides a […]

Small Powerful PC with PCI and PCIe Expansion Slots

The model LPC-501 is a small form factor PC equipped with the processing power and expansion capabilities generally found in much larger computers. This machine is an excellent fit for demanding 24/7 applications where space is limited. The durable system chassis allows for easy installation into control panels, consoles, cabinets, walls or it can be […]

Small PC with 8x USB 2.0 Ports

The LPC-460U8 is a full featured small PC with 8 USB 2.0 ports The LPC-460U8 is uniquely designed small form factor computer that offers an abundance of USB 2.0 ports – 8 in total (6x Front & 2x Rear). This small machine utilizes Intel’s Core 2 Duo technology with plenty of power to run your […]