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IPv6 adoption slowly starting to grow

According to a new paper by the The ICSI Networking and Security Group as well as Google’s own statistics, IPv6 adoption has slowly started showing signs of growth reaching over 4% of all web traffic for the first time. What is IPv6? IPv6 stands for Internet Protocol version 6 and is the latest version of the […]

Google Predicts a Future of Ads Beyond the Internet

Article from the Google says it foresees a future of advertising a few years from now in which they could appear on anything from thermostats to refrigerators to car dashboards and watches. The official remark that such devices could soon be serving “ads and other content” appears in a formal filing to the US […]

The Year 2025, Intel Predicts the Future

Excerpt from Intel’s Whitepaper “The Future of Knowledge Work: An outlook on the changing nature of the work environment”: The Future of Knowledge Work An outlook on the changing nature of the work environment The world is changing dramatically in ways that will have a significant impact on everyday life. By 2025 the explosion in world […]

United Nations Summit Votes to Support Internet Eavesdropping

Article from Cnet: A United Nations (U.N.) summit has adopted confidential recommendations proposed by China that will help network providers target BitTorrent uploaders, detect trading of copyrighted MP3 files, and, critics say, accelerate Internet censorship in repressive nations. Approval by the U.N.’s International Telecommunications Union came despite objections from Germany, which warned the organization must “not […]

One-Third of World’s Population has the Internet: UN

More than a one-third of the world’s population is now online while mobile phone uptake increased by more than 600 million in 2011 to around six billion, a UN agency said Thursday. But the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) highlighted huge disparities in the cost of services, with the poorer parts of the world tending to […]