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Windows XP Support to End on April 8th, 2014


What are your options?

April 8th, 2014 will mark the end to one of the most successful operating systems ever produced for the personal computer. On that date Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows XP, first released to hardware vendors almost 14 years ago on August 24th, 2001.

The ending for support for XP by Microsoft doesn’t mean you’re Windows XP machine will suddenly stop working on that date however it does mean that Microsoft will no longer provide technical support or provide any new security fixes or hotfixes. Over time this could lead to your system becoming more vulnerable to new viruses or security exploits.

In order to continue to receive support from Microsoft a migration to either Windows 7 or Windows 8 is recommended. Given the very mixed reaction to the new Windows 8 user Interface many enterprises may opt to choose a migration to Windows 7 given it’s closer look and feel to Windows XP.

If you are simply not ready to migrate and are willing to take risks after support stops then the risks could be significant as detailed in this Microsoft Security posting. It is important to consider your options as soon as possible as the April 8th, 2014 soon approaches.



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