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2014 Top Small PC and Rugged Computer Products

As the year 2014 comes to a close, here is a brief look back at some of the Top Small PC and Rugged Computer Products for the year.

1. Model: LPC-681 – High Performance Small PC with Triple 1080p HD Video Display & 4K Ultra HD Capabilities

LPC-681_fronthand_largeThe small form factor model LPC-681 is a high performance small pc powered by a fourth generation Haswell Intel® Core i7 mobile processor. This powerful small computer measures a mere 6.5″ x 6.18″ x 1.89″ in size and yet can outperform a PC many times its size. The LPC-681 Mini PC is packed with features including DisplayPort & HDMI video connectors, USB 3.0, RS232, Gigabit LAN, e-SATA, audio in/out ports and much more. LPC-681 operates from an external 19 VDC power adapter (included) or can be connected to an external DC source of 12 to 20VDC making it ideal for mobile and in-vehicle applications. The LPC-681 also features some advanced video technologies such as Triple 1080p HD Video Display support and 4K Ultra HD video capabilities making it a very potent machine.

2. Model: LPC-630F – Rugged and Powerful Fanless Small Mini PC

LPC-630F - Front ViewThe LPC-630F Small Mini PC is fanless by design and operates without noisy cooling fans that can draw in dirt and dust causing potentially catastrophic failures. The LPC-630F small PC is designed in a rugged chassis that provides superior heat dissipation and high reliability. Engineered with an Intel® Core™ 3rd Gen Core i7 Mobile processor, it delivers excellent performance with fast system responsiveness and lots of energy-efficiency. The LPC-630F Fanless Small PC is packed with features including, 2x USB 3.0, 4x USB 2.0, 1x RS232/Serial, 2x GB LAN ports, equipped with a 128GB MLC SSD (Solid State Drive), up to 16GB of memory, DVI-I & DisplayPort video connectors, audio in/out and much more. Fanless PCs such as the LPC-630F can be used in a number of applications such as; Embedded Control, Digital Signs, Interactive Kiosks, Thin-Clients, and Human/Machine Interface applications.

3. Small PCs with Multi-LAN Network Connectivity

Fanless Multi-Lan Small PCThese high performance Mini PCs feature expanded network connectivity with 3-Front & 1-Rear Gigabit LAN Network Ports. Ideal applications for a multi-lan small computer may include; security, VPN, network appliance, bandwidth controller, network diagnostics, mini servers and more. The LPC-480 multi-lan series also delivers the ultimate in small form factor performance utilizing an impressive Intel 3rd Generation Core i7 Mobile Processor and can be equipped with up to 16GB of Memory. These full featured machines also come built-in 4 USB 3.0 ports, RS232 port, Intel HD graphics, audio in/out, slim slot loading optical drive and optional solid state hard drives with 1TB internal storage. The multi-lan mini pc versions include a fanless model, PCI & PCIe x4 expansion slot models and a standard model.

4. Fanless Computing: Rugged & Reliable Computers

fanless_collage3What’s the big deal with Fanless computers? Cooling fans draw in dirt and dust from their operating environments potentially causing catastrophic failures and/or costly interruptions and downtime. Fanless PCs on the other hand are engineered to dissipate heat by utilizing the rugged aluminium chassis which acts as a heat sink, additionally some models use the latest heat pipe technology to cool and provide noise free operation. Fanless Benefits: Noise free operation, No cooling fans to draw in dirt, Reliable and cost effective, Mobile, DC power, I/O rich, Small rugged & space saving, Numerous configurations and Fast delivery. There are now numerous fanless designs and configurations to meet your application needs, deployable in limited space or in rack packaging, expansion slot/multi I/O, Sealed/Waterproof, DC power, Wireless and more.

5. LCD Monitors with Optional Rear Mounted Small PCs

lcdwithlpcPiggyback an LCD with a Small PC computer. Now you can mount one of the number of Small PC products directly to the rear of Panelmount, Rackmount or Open-Fram LCD monitors. Configure your solution in the office or lab and deploy it into your application by easily mounting the LittlePC to your industrial grade LCD. LCD products are environmentally sealed to NEMA 4, 4X / IP65 and are ideal for applications where dirt, dust, moisture and water are present and are available with various Touch Screen options including Resistive or Capacitive. This all-in-one lcd monitor and small pc solution is industry proven, providing high performance computer products for the enterprise and industrial/commercial markets. With an extensive range of products built to meet your exact application requirements.


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