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New Powerful Small PC Performance Charted

Small PC performance chart

Small PC performance chart

The newly released Small PC model LPC-480 is powered by the latest 3rd generation Intel® i7 Processors making it one of the fast small form factor computers available on the market. Utilizing the high performance Intel® i7 3610QE @2.30GHz mobile processor it clearly outperforms other commonly used CPU’s in other small mini computers, see the accompanying performance chart.

Complementing the high performance processing power of the LPC-480 this small pc also supports up to 16GB in fast DDR3 memory and is available with a 2.5″ mobile hard drive with SATA III (6Gb/s and 3Gb/s speeds) or with high performance Solid State Drive (SSD) in various capacities.

For more detailed info on the LPC-480 see the previous product announcement or click here for the detailed datasheet.


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